Hibeads Show You Fashion Jewelry Matching Principle

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Hibeads Show You Fashion Jewelry Matching Principle

Hibeads Show You Fashion Jewelry Matching Principle

Wearing the suitable jewelry can make you more beautiful. But do you know how to match jewelry? Wear jewelry with their own very particular about body feature on the ingenious choice of jewelry can even cover up the embarrassment caused by insufficient figure out. Here are some tips for you to learn about jewelry matching.

Jewelry for different ages

People of different ages have different interests and hobbies, and the aesthetic sense of economic strength. Clean up consumers can be divided into youth, middle-aged and older three age groups; salesperson's task is based on customer's age, find out why people buy to old customers and the recommendation and guidance.

Youth: Youth is the most beautiful period of life, during which people are experiencing love, marriage and the beginning of construction of the family, employment and other major stages of life colorful vibrant, they are suitable for all kinds of fashion jewelry

Middle-aged: Middle age is the golden stage of life, mostly middle-aged successful careers and a stable income. With the growth of life experiences, they gradually become steady and mature, so I recommend jewelry should not simply be the pursuit of middle-aged fashion and novelty should pay more attention to the quality and grade of jewelry.

Elderly: elderly people fighting for his life, devoted his life in his later years due grandchildren. They wear jewelry generous decent shape and material in order to high-end is better. The general election for the older section to pay attention to tradition and a symbol of good fortune is recommended jewelry as well, pure gold, so that older people rely on a sense of preservation, accessories on the blessed and other auspicious words, suitable for the elderly spiritual needs comfort wishes. Can also be recommended to the elderly diamond inlay rings, emerald rings, agate bracelet and so on.

Jewelry for different facial forms

You should follow the principle of harmony with nature, to cover up defects, highlighting the bright spot to create sense of beauty. To encourage customers to use their own personal temperament suited to decorate their own jewelry.

Oval face: the oval face, these customers wear the jewelry more options, but chooses the length of the jewelry to be moderate, and is not suitable for too long or too short. If customers comb hair, may recommend that she wear a ruby ring-down ring, so give people a sense of feminine soft; like to stay with short hair, may recommend that she wear a smallpearl stud, this would seem very elegant.

Square face: vertical longer than the horizontal arch design, help to increase the length of the face, easing the angle of the face, such as a long oval-shaped, crescent-shaped, new leaf, petal-shaped single-chip, so that they are laying paired in the cheek next to the sparkling jewels moving light, in order to avoid duplication and face shape, square face, square best not to wear jewelry, or jewelry triangular, pentagonal and other sharp fashion jewelry earrings, pendant; necklace, a pendant of necklace or a necklace longer than the collarbone and will be the formation of V-shaped chest, or a beautiful arc, you can balance the wide lower jaw line, neck and shorter people, wearing the length of the thymus in the clavicle below the middle of the following locations necklace will look better.

Round Egg Face: Earrings / pendant: In order to create a face length of the width to reduce the visual effects, should be selected, such as rectangular whip-shaped, teardrop-shaped earrings and pendant and the like, which allow you to plump in the face with soft lines gift to several rounds of the gas; necklace: a round face and who can use the V-shaped necklace effect of decoration, elongated facial lines, show the clear and gentle elegance. Coral necklace can express your beautiful neck completely.

Triangle face: This type of face for customers to choose jewelry, the more difficult. The general principle of choice is to face the width of the Department seemed a little bigger, choose chunky necklace liketurquoise necklace, and is equipped with pendant, necklace should not thick thin, should not short-long, because the long necklace can serve to extend the lower jaw so that the effect of changing cutting, choose to wear ear ornaments should choose small, not choice great. Rectangular face: This type of face a number of customers can wear appropriate increase in the width of the face cross the center line accessories, like the election of wearing some of the framed area is large and dazzling jewelry ear plug or short fall of the round without earrings, but kinds of customers should not wear long, slender necklace. Female customers can choose packages ear type earrings and a necklace style design, for example, the length of not less than clavicle Jade necklace,pearl necklaces, it will not add hanging.

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